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After many years, the Somalia Trade Mark Registry has resumed its operations.

The Trade Mark Registry in Somalia closed its doors in 1991.  During this time it was impossible to obtain or maintain trade mark registrations in Somalia in order to acquire exclusive rights to any symbol such as a name or a logo.

In the absence of a formal registration system in Somalia, provision was made for cautionary system in terms of which trade mark proprietors could rely on the publication of cautionary notices acting as a public recognition mechanism indicating proprietary rights in a specific trade mark and warning third parties against the unauthorised use of such a trade mark.

It has been reported that the Somalia Trade Mark Registry has been restored and once again opened its doors to resume its operations, this is in accordance with the Ministerial Decree issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 2019.

At present, it is not possible to conduct general searches in Somalia as there are no provisions for conducting a standalone search.

Pre-filing searches are mandatory and are carried out by the Somalia Registry at the time of filing, at no charge.

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